698 S. First St.

San Jose, CA


Please call for availability and pricing


4 Door Toyota RAV4

Room for 5 people

23 City / 30 Hwy MPG

Room for 12 people
Ford 12 Passenger Van

8 Passenger Toyota Sienna

18 City / 24 Hwy. MPG

8 Passenger Van


4 Door Toyota Camry

Room for 5 People

24 City / 34 Hwy MPG

4 Honda Accord Room for 5 People

23 City / 34 Hwy MPG

Ford Transit 
15 Passenger Van
Birds Eye

Here on vacation or business? Call to find out more about our CHEAP monthly FULL SIZE rentals!

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Call for availability!

4 door Scion xB

Room for 5 people

22 city / 28 Hwy

AWD models available!

10ft and 12 ft Utility Cargo Van

Rear and Side Door Openings

Many of our larger vehicles do not fit in underground parking.  Please check before entering parking garages.

Looking for a used vehicle?  We sell our vehicles.  Check out our

Vehicle Sales” link. 

Still do not see what you are looking for?  Call our San Jose Car Rental  office to see if we have what you need.

10ft long and 6 feet tall

Cargo Van

Rear and Side Door Openings

We rent hand trucks

and dollies

Toyota Tundra

8 ft bed

Discounted rates starting from $69.95
+ 100 free miles per day
Discounted rates starting from $19.95
+  mileage

All offers based on availability

Starting from $29.95 
+100 free miles per day
Starting from $39.95 
+100 free miles per day